Signs – Signs – Everywhere There Are Signs

Reading about the tragic loss of three lives yesterday…

Yosemite waterfall deaths: 3 hikers swept over falls, presumed dead

Reminded me of my own past failures to take heed – of the posted signs – 11 years ago in Hawaii in Maui when the signs said (something to the effect of) “do not turn your back to the ocean.”

I knew not what it meant. Until later.

But when I did what I read not to do – the undertow (under toad – remember?) GOT ME!

The rest of my story – originally published in my firm’s newsletter – a few days after I got home after spending time in the hospital instead of tanning on the beach back in 2000:

A Decade Ago I Personally Tested the Hawaiian Medical System’s Competence

I wrapped up that article – now a post on this site – with:

Read the signs. Think of “Context.”

Read them CAREFULLY. Put 2 and 2 together. Message – and – Context.

Be careful going into the water.

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