What’s in Your Analysis Approach for Instruction and Performance Improvement?

If you knew this was true as it was created by a group of Master Performers facilitated to come to a collaborative consensus…

You would know what tasks to teach and what to test in a Level 2 Evaluation and what to look for in a Level 3 Evaluation – but not yet what the enabling knowledge and skills would be. But you would know what part of the Advanced Organizer would include that would lead to those enabling K/Ss before the procedural task training – by whatever appropriate media and mode – and available at the moment of need and/or before the moment of need. And if you really understood the Target Audience – whether simply having job aids would be sufficient – or not.

If you also knew the typical gaps of the non-Master Performers in the incumbent population – you would know what to include in that Advanced Organizer as being forwarned is part of being forearmed…

And if you knew the probable causes of the gaps – then you could test those to see if THOSE ARE REALLY THE CAUSES – if you didn’t want to just take the word of the assembled Master Performers in your Analysis Team – as that would be too risky – and inappropriate for “good stewards of shareholder equity” – you could decide where Training/ Learning fits into the solution mix and “which solution set should “go first” before the others or whether they should all go together…

And if you had all of that captured – you could begin the systematic “derivation” process to derive the enabling knowledge and skills using these 17 Categories of K/S…

…and other categories of enablers (both human and non-human) if your needs were also non-Instructional…

…to see what else needs to be added to the Advanced Organizer content and the content between that and the procedural content of INFO – DEMO and APPO (applications exercises) that would be authentic and have a bigger chance to actually transfer to the job as it was authentic enough – IF that analysis was done correctly.

For more about this approach to analysis for Instruction and for Performance Improvement – check out my new book – one of 6 released these past 2 months…

Info on this book and the 5 other book is available on this web site – here.

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