The Balance – or Imbalance – of Consequences

If you’ve never been to a Boot Camp – or your parents were “permissive” – perhaps this just won’t resonate with you.

Sometimes you just have to learn it and do it – “even if you don’t feel like it.”

(Use your whiny voice with that quote.)

At least that was my experience growing up – thanks to the old man (RIP) and the US Navy coach and mentor I was assigned to – more correctly known to many as the Drill Instructor. Not just as in a Drill and Practice guide and buddy – but also as in “let me drill this into your brain maggot” ….

But I digress. (Ah, the memories).

You might recall the famous (infamous) line from Bob Mager about seeing if someone could really do something – to see if it was truly a knowledge/skill deficiet or a motivation deficit – by putting a gun (figuratively) to their head?

Or a foot to the behind? Or a day doing KP? Or a week in The Brig?

A Balance of Consequences Model

A post from back in 2009 on this topic is here.

Digressing again…

The official Guy W. Wallace Boot Camp photo from early 1973 – which I believe they made us get and send home – just to let the folks back there know that you had somehow survived…in case you didn’t really write home as much as you were told to – or your letters were filled with awful stories of early-early mornings, hard work marching and handling a rifle that you’d never see again for the next 3 years – and I mean all day long – plus Training and Simulations (remember the tear gas experience y’all?) – and then early-early to bed (the rack)!

I did learn to sleep just about anywhere and under any set of conditions.

Here’s the Old Man (RIP) from back in the day – 1945 – before heading off to Japan just after WWII had ended…

# # #

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