PACT Practitioners Sharing Their Application Stories

“How did you do that?” many friends/colleagues at ISPI asked me when they saw the 1998 Conference Program. I had a session where 5 client groups were at Cracker Barrel tables talking to the attendees about how THEY were applying my ISD methods – PACT – in their organizations.

3 of the 5 clients had me come in to conduct workshops on the analysis and design methods for Curriculum Architecture Design. 1 learned it from me from partnering with me in several CAD projects. And 1 group picked it up just watching me and my staff do these CAD projects – and our MCD projects (the ADDIE-like level) of PACT.

I have been training others on these methods since the mid 1980s.

For another client – General Motors – in the mid-to-late 1990s – I trained hundreds of their staff and members in their sub-contractor communities. Here is a video they made to promote these methods – after a very successful effort to quickly create an 18-month long program for new hire factory supervisors where they would do 1-week in the classroom and then 1-week out on the job. Here is the 12 minute video about that effort:

The week in classroom training information and demonstrations and applications was to prepare them for on-the-job training information and demonstrations and applications – all very structured – and included time in the classroom for structured reflection – part of what I termed “Reviews-Previews”  – that I used in analysis and design meetings and also built into training whenever feasible – given the nature of the media/mode.

This next video is just over 2 hours and is me presenting an extended version of the presentation I had done at ISPI to the staff at Eli Lilly back in day – 1995 – and so some of you will recognize the Overhead Transparency projector and slides I am using – and others will not.

While the technology has changed over time, several times since I got in this biz back in 1979, the methods for analysis and design have been stable since before the first article on the methods were published in Training Magazine in September 1984

…and in the first national presentation at NSPI (now ISPI) in 1985…

The methodologies were covered in my 1999 book: lean-ISD – which has been updated and reconfigured into several books – over this past spring and summer:

For information about these new books – and two others – please go here.

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