Could Cavemen Produce Good Learning Materials? With a Good Process and a Valid Design They Could

Is Learning Development, Training Development – so easy cavemen and cavewomen could do it?

When the work can be defined – even if very volatile and iterative – it follows some pattern – that can be framed and defined at the outputs and tasks, behaviors, etc. – to prepare to learn how to perform the tasks-sets of the job -especially for the critical outputs-task-sets.

Could you break down Instructional Design? Could your break down a Financial Analysts job? Or a Media Buyer’s? Or the Security Guard? Or the Counter Sales Clerk? You can define each of these to determine the exct performance objectives driving the learning objectives at two or three levels of hierarchy. (I use 3 in MCD).

They could if they followed a logical and more importantly PROVEN PROCESS – the PACT Processes for Modular Curriculum Development – MCD…

The 6 phases of MCD – Modular Curriculum Development of the PACT Processes for T&D, Learning and Knowledge Management…for ROI…


The first and second goal for this are:

1st for the effectiveness – and is measured in terms of Performance Impact/Capability in the job

2nd is to do this efficiently – and have we re-used content “as is” or “after modification” – to share costs and leverage effort – but to also share language and imagery – and – created a “shared experience” around purpose and goals – and how to measure the worth of your efforts to improve – where to target – what’s important and why and what’s not important and can wait – sometimes forever – for improvement efforts.

The 6 Phases of MCD – Modular Curriculum Development of the PACT Processes for

T&D, Learning and Knowledge Management and the Outputs and Teams…


The structure here simply provides a framework for project “planning” and “costing” and “scheduling” – and not “instructional designing” – including information, demonstrations, applications practice with feedback.


The sub-phases for the 6 phases of MCD – Modular Curriculum Development of the PACT Processes for T&D, Learning and Knowledge Management…


My approach is predictive – as it can be adapted to any set of circumstances. It can be shortened where phase efforts are both compressed and combined – without a Gate Review effort for QA. There needs to be accountability, and measurement and transparency – and collaboration.

Mostly you need a well defined Process that can be just as easily adapted as adopted.

That’s the Process side of PACT – and then of course there is the Design methodology side of PACT – and next I’ll share two very important videos,  important to me not just because I was in the room back in early 1981 when they were recorded one week apart.  Geary A. Rummler spent a day with us one week, and Neil Rackham a day the next week – when these two videos were recorded. the rights to publish online were given to me by Geary. Neil told me I could do likewise. I also have an audio tape of Neil talking about early SPIN Selling – that I would like to one day edit and create a Podcast.

Geary is on video speaking on “Performance-based Training” – where he spoke more to the analysis of performance-side of ISD; and Neil who provided 10 Training Design Criteria that are timeless – and I very much believe that you’ll agree with me that both videos resonate even today – as they are media/mode independent – and excellent start for non-degree carrying ISD staff and management – but you can judge that for yourself. View on…

Rummler Video – 43 minutes:

Geary at his best in 1981 – with great stories and examples of how to approach training from a performance perspective.

Rackham Video – 57 minutes:

Neil with 10 great design criteria to insure a performance orientation and impact of instruction.

Great stuff. I am forever thankful to Bill Wiggenhorn for hiring me at MTEC and bringing both Geary and Neil into my and my peer’s professional lives. Wow!  This was April 1981 – November 1982.

My Book

My recent book on ADDIE – MCD: Modular Curriculum Development…

For info about this book and the 5 other books in my 6-pack series on performance improvement via instructional and other Human Asset Management Systems (HAMS) and Environmental Asset Management Systems (EAMS) – please go here. Available as both Paperback and Kindle versions.

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