When You’re Mobile – and In a Learning About Learning Mode

Back in the day – in Training circles – they called it “filling Windshield Time.”

And T&D organizations would offer employees, mostly but not limited to Sales Staff, audio cassette tapes (remember those?) to folks so that they might hear information and instruction relevant for their jobs while they drove from sales call to sales call. Of course you could listen to it on the airplane, train, and bus too.  Often it was short, crisp bite-sized audio lessons. Too often it was motivation fluff-stuff, read: rah, rah.

And too often it was not related – except in an abstract manner – to your context (as a listener/learner).

Sometimes it was Product Knowledge – yours and the competitions – and Sales tips (often with unfounded or disputed advise such as ask only Open Ended Questions). Yuck.

Bad content in the cool, new hip (some might say shiny) modes and machines of “the day” is still bad content and a waste of shareholder equity – and not good for any stakeholder ultimately – on any day.

Content is not King – Context is.

Rather Content relevant to a targeted Context is King – or has a proverbial prayer of impacting performance. That’s why Skills Development was often avoided – it was tried but found lacking by any group following up for Measured Results.

Knowledge Development was sometimes more appropriate – for short chunks of Knowledge. For content refresher needs ( a good thing) and remedial needs (sometimes not the right, effective approach).

But then there is that thing about applications, practice, with corrective feedback and/or reinforcing feedback. Often another neglected component of this Learning strategy/approach/mode. Strike two.

Perhaps my free audio podcasts are a fit for your Context…

If have a bunch – 27 in fact – audio podcasts that you can download from this site for FREE that would be relevant for you if you are in the Training-biz, the Learning-biz and/or the Knowledge Management-biz. Like me.

I also have a smaller bunch of e-books available at Kindles – that readable on any device as – you probably already appreciate. For when you can be distracted from the steering wheel and accelerator and brake pedals – as in when you are passengering.

Listen and learn – and then reflect – and then try to apply. Ask others to give you feedback.

Send your questions, comments and concerns my way. By email – or via the comments section/function below.

Of course the mobile devices one has to chose from have grown and grown – and are not limited to the car dash or a large, clunky player – or just another thing to carry around when the Walkmans came about – and are now somewhat ubiquitous – except in commonality and interchangeability for some types of content (Flash anyone – good for some now but not everyone) – but that is changing.

For these 27 free audio offerings – please go here.

If today is nice I will head out on the Boat with the Kindle to do a little Boat Learning. Have a great day!

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