Measured Results – Start with Baseline Results

And could and should include the Predictive Results in between.

If you are asked about the ROI for an Intervention – ask the asker for the Baseline Results that were to be affected by the Intervention.

And if YOU were the champion for the Intervention – then ask yourself about – and start the scramble to find – those Baseline Results. Even though it is a late start. Just learn from this – and don’t champion or get a start on any Intervention until you decided which metrics you are trying to change. Even if you don’t formally calculate an ROI, a predictive ROI based on Predicated Results.

Metrics vary from organization to organization. They include the standard equivalent to better, faster cheaper. Or better, more, faster (more faster), touch time (less touch time – aka: burden) and costs (less costs).

In Thomas F. Gilbert’s book “Human Competence” (page 45) – he lists his “Measures of Worthy Performance” – Accomplishments – this way:

1. Quality

(a) Accuracy

(b) Class

(c) Novelty

2. Quantity (or Productivity)

(a) Rate

(b) Timeliness

(c) Volume

3. Cost

(a) Labor (behavior repertories)

(b) Material (environmental supports)

(c) Management

See his definitions – pages 45- 47. I’ve always liked these. But I changed the wording to match what my clients used – or to language that they could relate to.

Adopt what you can – and adapt the rest.

Use what measures and labels for them that make sense in your Context.

Also – be very careful about setting up elaborate and expensive “measurement mechanisms” – look for cheaper ways to do this – and watch out for those that are disruptive to the work you are trying to positively impact.

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