Of Which Context Do You Speak Of – And Post Of?

From The Free Dictionary:

Overgeneralize : draw too general a conclusion.

It may not easily fit the 140 character limit – but if you can help the readers by setting the Context – it might help them.

Many folks in the Learning field/biz create posts and make statements – me too – without letting the readers/listeners know of which CONTEXT they are speaking.

I’ve written/posted about this before regarding Learning Contexts – which I see as 3 distinct CONTEXTS – your views may differ.

  1. Personal Learning Context

  2. Educational Learning Context

  3. Enterprise Learning Context 

Here is a prior post – which you may not need to get the point – about differing Contexts – and how some things may be true – or more true – in one but not another.

And the above is but one of many existing Contexts – ways to frame something to deal with it more appropriately. An accountant would frame it differently than a Process Engineer. Appropriately.

And the need to add a clarify context to help get me/you get our points across. Even though there is more to it than that.

I don’t always do this myself as I said.

But I would hope to get better.

# # #

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