If Only Your Topics Were Focused on Authentic Tasks – Then You’d Get Transfer

Too much content is about Topics.

Topics without Task application guidance and practice.

Learners – in an Enterprise Learning Context – need to learn how to do Tasks, not Topics, when all is said and done. Those with enough prior knowledge can learn informally, and be self-guided. The opposite is true for most new-to-the-job employees. They most often need the most hand-holding. That hand holding either happens well – or not – due to many variables. Management is the number one variable – and clarifying the expectations and providing the guidance – to whatever level is needed – so that the new-employee can begin to contribute. Leaving it a sink-or-swim situation is not a valid learning nor performance approach.  Nor is it a good approach to management stewardship.

Making wise investments – in every decision that expends capital and labor – is simply good stewardship.

Following methods and practices that produce content – but not impact – is not good stewardship.

Make a performance impact by focusing on Performance Competence.

Produce significant ROI when you properly engage your customers and stakeholders in your predictable Project Processes.

The first two of eight sets-of the PACT Video Shorts Series are now available – the first 15 of 56 planned Video Shorts on PACT and EPPI…

More Video Shorts to follow over time…41 in fact…

…and hopefully not over too much time.

These video podcasts are available to help you become a PACT Practitioner – as well as these available audio podcasts – plus a set of readings from books and articles – and some Presentations that are related – and are all part of The School of PACT.

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