It’s “All In The Execution” of Those Goal Aligned Plans

In the ASQ – A View from the Q – this month…

ASQ Managing Director Laurel Nelson-Rowe posts about her video interview – presented as a series of 7 short videos – totaling 22-23 minutes – with Terry Woychowski, GM’s new vice president of global quality and launch. Her post reads:

He talked a lot about performance—one of the three “Ps” of GM’s emerging quality culture. At GM, Terry says, quality is “promise, personal, and performance”–quite clear and concise for GM, an ASQ Enterprise Quality Roundtable member.

As I watched each of the 7 video clips and took notes I “was continually taken back to the early 1980s” and my first exposure to TQM – Total Quality Management that came after my 1979 exposure, pre-TQM, to VR – Variability Reduction. And with Customer Satisfaction.

He explained the 3 P’s, Cradle-to-Grave (end-to-end), clarified missions, the new Board members who had had a terrible GM experience back in the 1980s, being global but local in standards and products – cup holders are big in the USA but elsewhere not so much, sharing learnings globally and (most importantly) learning from the mistakes of others is real wisdom (my favorite line in the whole series but that’s just me), being responsive to different market segments (shift ratios) and looking forward to the future when all of the world will provide testimonials (thank you J.D.) as to your (new, clarified) mission having been achieved.

But one word came to mind each time the conversation shifted from one topic which happened to be a favorite topic 30 years ago, to another topic/piece “of the same old stuff” again from 30 years ago – and I thought: there is nothing new here. Nothing new at all – for me. Great for people just being exposed to all this Quality Stuff – a fairly succinct set of video clips that do a decent job of overviewing Quality aspirations at a big, complex company. So I would recommend to all that they hear this Quality Stuff from this horse’s mouth – as the global leader for quality and launch.

So – can they – GM – be successful with all these same, old, tired, set of aspirational goal statements and value statements and mission statements and vision statements, and all-of-that?

Can they?

I say: Yes.

If they pay attention to the execution of The Plan.

And remain flexible. And prepared.

It’s all in the Execution.

In the Plans for Execution.

And finally in the Execution of those Execution Plans.

Alignment and buy-in by almost everyone else is, of course, critical.

Which is part of the execution.

# # #

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