Move Over Smart Phones – The Shoe Phone is Here!

Learning Will Never Be The Same!

With apologies to Get Smart

No longer limited to just millions of disgruntled teenagers – the Shoe Phone has Gone both Mainstream and Business!

And its Gone Business Casual for the Hundreds of Millions who longed for something to wear to work other than their kid’s old, ripped high-top shoe phones! The Shoe Phone or Social Shoe Phone works just like a regular top-end mobile smartphone. It’s just wearable.

The New Social Shoe Phone revolution is credited to the shift from the totally casual look of ripped high-toppers aimed at teenagers, to a more dignified business casual look aimed at the rest of us!

Good for work or play! Right or Left styles available.

Marketing executives said shoppers wanted a shoe that had good phone reception – and that looked good too – on your feet or in your hands!

HR organizations are rushing to update their outdated Social Media and Business Dress Policies – and are fighting with Corporate Communications and Public Relations and The Learning Organization – and the big argument among them all is over: is it just another form of Social Media – or are Shoe Phones, and what some are calling Shoe Social Phones while others prefer Social Shoes Phones something totally new.

How should the new Competency read and how will it be tested for? And will a pay differential be in order?

And then there is the expected Talent Management spin of the need to meet the new employees’ needs for footer learning, foot massages, Sock Darning While You Wait Services, and others perks yet to be determined, as this craze’s movement has goes mainstream quickly and seems to have caught everyone by surprise.

Who would have thought it?

It’s as big as Y2K!

Learning Theories are being adjusted in this test of their robustness. College curricula are being refreshed – and Duke is planning on giving all incoming freshmen a new pair of Shoe Phones at the beginning of each semester this year. Immersive is a term being kicked around. Note that the Shoe Phone is water resistant.

What about the non-Younger Generations? Won’t it be different for them? Will they yank their Phone Shoe off to answer every time their toes tingle as the ring tone plays? That debate rages on!

Learning Centers are adjusting too! The “no shoes on feet” clarifications policy updates from decades past is being challenged for people who have to take this call.

MBTI’s are being refreshed to reflect the new social competence, as is Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Will this change how learning outcomes and objectives are written?

Should it?

Many additional changes are probably in the works.

Working in Japan might make communications with the home office more difficult. And shoe removal for travelers does double duty when going through security.

“This changes everything!” exclaims the people at THE Shoe Phone Firm.

Compliance training wherever you are walking. New Product Updates while in the air at 30,000. Management Tips Training while sitting down. Being Mobile or stationary at the Desktop are no longer limitations!

The marketing folks at THE Shoe Phone Firm also claim that they are there to support the cultural-shift, the talent transformation needed at every Enterprise, “Get ready – embrace for change and brace for change with our Shoe Phone Cultural Diversity Change Kit – good for each manager and teams up to 20!” Order your kits at:

Even the LMS World will add another accelerated update cycle to their business plans. And Authoring Tool makers are salivating at the thought of a new deployment platform. Others are not so sure that this isn’t just the same old platform in a new shoe.

Social Media experts are refreshing their online job titles and resumes to read Social Shoe Media.

The entire Industry is up on this great news!

The health industry hasn’t responded to some initial health concerns expressed by lagging adopters to Social Media Buzz.

Talk about upping the Value Proposition for a Single Function Device!  

Call Centers are being revamped and reconfigured – and airlines policy makers have been confounded about leg room requirements and the need to raise fares. No Call/ Odor Sections are being proposed by key customer groups.

THE Shoe Phone Firm – makers of the New Business casual Sports Shoe Phone – has recently taken a hit to their stock as competition gears up. Hang Ten-nis is announcing a new line of phones-in-a-shoe and cross promotional efforts with The World Tennis Shoe Authority.

And THE Shoe Phone Firm is doing everything it can from starting the latest rumor about a built-in foot masseuse coming soon – and then leaking that batteries technology hasn’t made the kind progress needed so that might be further off – to literally trying to corner the global shoelace Value Chain. And then there are the overhanging market rumors of The Toe Tablet.

The Firm also denies any prior claims about the Shoe Phone building super thighs or other body building or health claims. They regret the overanxious exuberance of some of their Marketing Staff and their inability to control everyone’s actions on Social media where these unfounded rumors began.

The FCC is trying to work out regulatory boundaries with the ICC. The FDA has dropped out with the health claims dis-claims.

In Related Business News

…sales of Odor Eaters has skyrocketed and the company is now in play.

In sports, baseball general managers have not yet come to an agreement on regulations covering the rumored Spike Phone, and the main sticking point seems to be on radio frequency assignments. Also first and third base coaches say – through hand signals – that this technology is a threat to their jobs. Players asked about the Twitter app and shoe tying techniques and cycle times. Could this be the end of the double-play?

And then I woke up.

Silly dreams.

# # #

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