Put a Good Performer in a Bad System…

and the System Will Win Every Time.


Quote by the late Geary A. Rummler

I took that to heart when I first read and then heard him say that – in 1979 and 1980. But that’s another story. And then I spent most of 18 months working with him on numerous projects at Motorola’s Training & Education Center (MTEC).


I look to the system – the Process or Processes first. Are they capable of meeting the Stakeholder Requirements? If not – start there. If so, investigate further – investigate the enablers.

That’s how I look at systems issues, including the Process itself, when I do my Instructional Analysis – to help the Client see what else obstacle-wise lies in their Path to Performance Competence.

With an Instructional Analysis method/process aimed at defining the Performance Competence Requirements first – and then systematically deriving the enabling knowledge/skills – I can quickly determine both the typical gaps and the causes for those gaps – thinking that that would be good content to share with the Learner/Performer.

When I measure the Learning impact I use the business metrics already in place – thinking: those must be important.

And if there aren’t measures – I use this to guide the creation of same – after the Processes are defined and their Products/Outputs are defined, etc.

This is covered in this new book:

RIP … DR. Rummler …

# # #

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