The Situation Is A Variable and Is Variable

In his later years Deming changed the percentage of Problem Causes from 85% to 94% to management and the system – Rummler also claimed a similar number and his (probably) most famous quote: Put A Good Performer in a Bad System and The System Wins Every Time. These numbers BTW have nothing to do with the Pareto Principle.

Note – For what it’s worth…neither Deming nor Rummler seems to have published any evidence to back their numbers up – other than their vast experience over decades.   

People just entering or being just recently exposed to the internal hand-wringing of The Learning Industry on many topics, ADDIE, Social Media, Gamification, and the arguments about Formal versus Informal.

The Formal versus Informal arguments are mostly silly – AS IF – most land is unfarmed and therefore more land should be unfarmed.

People need more FORMAL hand holding in their introductions to jobs and processes when they enter that scene with little or no prior knowledge. If they have tons of prior knowledge they only need to be shown how to get in and out and find the restrooms, so to speak.

But there are other times when Learning Content – Training – Content from Knowledge Management Systems – is needed.

One trick is determining what to capture – and another is how to deploy and/or make it accessible.

Change change – change. Change change – change.

Sometimes Learning Solutions Content is in the mix because other SOLUTIONS need to be communicated to create certain new awarenesses, and new knowledge may need to be created – and perhaps new skills need to be developed. Often Learning isn’t THE solution – but is a vehicle to support the primary solution – to a performance problem.

If there is not problem other than there would be a problem if we didn’t take care of the on-boarding needs as well as some on-going development needs – but it’s there in on-going development – where the learner at some point is more experienced, with more prior knowledge, and we can and need to move further away from providing structured instructional and informational content – to providing the enablers and/or “pointing to” content that enables – and let them “fish for themselves” so to speak.

Sometimes the Final Results won’t show up for 10 years. Other times – the very next day.

In this book 6-Pack I attempt to share what I have learned over the decades about performance-based content to enable Enterprise performance for ROI.

Your Situation can require you to be dealing with many Variables at one time – across your internal customers. Your organization processes and structure and skill-set need to be able to address all of these variables – and help your clients when there need isn’t Learning or Training as the primary solution in the solution-set.

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