Learning Styles: Wisdom of the Crowd – Not

Very disappointed about an email marketing piece from one of those Professional Affinity Organizations. Disappointed in them.

Perhaps you received that marketing too. Talk about Wisdom of the Crowd – Not.

The baloney about “Designing Instruction (Learning, Training, etc., etc.) for Learning Styles” was COMPOUNDED by the inclusion of Generational Differences as well.

This vampire – sucking the life’s blood out of L&D resources and Shareholder Equity – just won’t die easily.

There must be some real money to be made – and – as P.T.Barnum sadly told us/sold us:

There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute.

There must be – for this to continue.

Be careful about your crowd. Remember what mama said about who you hang with.

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2 comments on “Learning Styles: Wisdom of the Crowd – Not

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