Why Bother Tilting At Windmills – That’s So Quixotic

Why? Because that’s what history teaches us is sometimes required. Unfortunately. But necessarily.

If no one did the so-called tilting at windmills – things that should change don’t really have a prayer of changing.


What Windmills do you find yourself tilting at?

Mine is at what I have called/labeled Foo Foo. To be polite about it – but to convey the intent.

In my new book: The Fifth Management Foci – Allowing No Foo Foo In Foci 1 – 4 – I attempt to help line and staff managers get a simple handle on Performance Improvement (and Performance Management but not in terms of the typical connotation of that term/phrase) by 4 things to Focus on – and then to overlay another, 5th Foci – to safeguard them from Foo Foo in those first four Foci. The back cover explains that – so let me post that next…

There is simply too much Foo Foo – everywhere.

And – in the Learning & Performance Improvement space – see my lists on that here.

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