The Late Claude Lineberry – 99 Seconds Presentation at ISPI 2000

One of my favorite quotes from this 2:14 minute video from Butch:

Self-esteem does not build performance competence – but performance competence does a hell of a lot for self-esteem.

(starting at the 45 second mark)

So much for that Improve the Engagement and Performance Will Follow “stuff.”

Which is consistent with what Bill Daniels told us in his recent workshop at ISPI Charlotte earlier this month.

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3 comments on “The Late Claude Lineberry – 99 Seconds Presentation at ISPI 2000

    • BTW – that was the entire clip. And that’s how Thiagi’s “99 Seconds” sessions (once upon a time – the traditional kick-off of an NSPI/ISPI Conference) always went. And – you’d have to know Butch (as most, but not all, in the audience would have – including your cousin, as they were business partners) – that’s his style. The point of the post was about the chicken-egg issue of happiness/engagement/etc. – and – productivity. Lot’s of Happy Talk today online about Happiness and Productivity.


      • You make a good point about “happy talk'” on productivity and employee happiness. It’s not clear cut. Very challenging to measure and too often people still focus on training “solutions.” Recently I did an assessment with a healthcare client and found much of the ineffiencies and ineffectiveness lie in unclear and poorly written documents – job descriptions and forms to be exact. AndI bet staff will be happier since I will be facilitating a session to revise those docs based on staff consensus.


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