Enabler Matrices Document What’s Needed To Bring a Paper Process To Life

A Process can be documented on paper in various formats, such as flow charts, process maps, etc. I typically use a Performance Model.

But a Process is nothing more than the humans and non-human environmental supports that enable the conversion of inputs to outputs – for use downstream.

In the PACT (for ISD – Instructional Systems design) and EPPI (for HPT – Human Performance Technology) Processes – the Enabler Matrices document the human and environmental asset enablers required for mastery performance – of both the humans and the non-human elements of a process.

Human Asset Requirements Enabler Analysis is where the requirements for the human assets are determined via a systematic review of the documented mastery performance outputs and tasks.

Human assets categories are:

  • Awareness, Knowledge, Skill
  • Physical attributes
  • Intellectual attributes
  • Psychological attributes
  • Personal Values

Environmental Asset Requirements Enabler Analysis is where the requirements for all non-human assets are determined, again, via a systematic review of the documented mastery performance. Environmental assets categories are:

  • Data/Information
  • Material/Supply
  • Tools/Equipment
  • Facilities/Grounds
  • Headcount/Budget
  • Culture/Consequences

The systematic review of the Performance Model charts’ data facilitates the systematic generation of the various enablers, by the enabler categories above and their sub-categories. For example, I use 17 sub-categories for the analysis of the “Awareness, Knowledge, Skill” category.

This captured data later facilitates additional analyses such as validation of any complex interpersonal behaviors, root-cause problem solving, or further assessment of the adequacy of various enterprise entities in the enterprise value chains that are in place to ensure that the right human and environmental asset systems are in place, at the right process place, at the right times necessary to achieve and sustain peak performance.

It requires that the ideal (and/or actual) Performance Requirements be established first. The the enablers can be systematically derived.

This is covered in my book: Analysis of Performance Competence Requirements.

For information about this and my other books – please go here.

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