Training & Development & Learning – Paths & Road Maps & Blueprints – Oh My!

Having worked on what many today refer to Learning Paths – 74 since 1982 – I have a collection of terms that client’s over the years preferred to call the Curriculum Architectures I produced for them – such as T&D Blueprints – although some really like that label they were in the minority. To each their own. And so I and my staff flexed.

These Paths – and the Planning Guides that reflect that suggested (or mandated) Path have varied over the years quite a bit.

But one thing was common:

T&D Paths need to be as Rigorous as Required and Flexible as Feasible.

And they needed to focus on the Performance Competency Requirements of the Target Audiences.

In an Enterprise Learning Context.

For the 1984 Training Magazine article that described the “Group Process” approach to the analysis and design of these development guides, learning continuum, training roadmaps, learning architectures – which is 6 pages – please click here.

For the original 30-page manuscript – please click here.

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