11-11-11 Veterans Day

Some of you know this if you are Friends w/ me elsewhere – that I have begun a campaign to celebrate Veterans Day on the 11th of every month – because as my tag line/marketing slogan goes:

Once a year just isn’t enough.

My father-in-law – Ned Richards – a US Army ambulance driver during WWII – in the Battle of the Bulge and other battles…

My step-father – Charles F. Bachmann – a US Army soldier – also fought in the Battle of the Bulge and other battles. RIP.

My father, W. James Wallace – a US Navy sailor – WWII ended for him during boot camp – he joined as soon as he turned 18 after he graduated from High School. RIP.

Me, a US Navy sailor – the Viet Nam War ended for me during boot camp…

Here is my father-in-law, Ned, who just turned 90 in June, in a photo clip from a video produced by his county, to capture the stories from the vanishing breed of American soldiers who fought The Big One.

Here is that video of him…

Ned is “still kicking.”

Saturday Nancy and I will pick him up, along with his wife Evelyn – who left NC to go the the NE to build rubber rafts for the military effort – until her mother passed away and she had to go back home to take care of her younger siblings – and take them to their youngest grandson’s wedding and reception.

A few years back Nancy and I took Ned, Evelyn and Nancy’s sister and nephew to Washington DC to let him look at the WWII Memorial. He had made some flip remark about, “I guess I’ll never see that.”

That bothered me. We made plans on the drive home down the mountain – Ned lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

Here he is, there at the WWII Memorial a couple of weeks later – and meeting and chatting with other WWII Veterans. It’s like a secret club. The rest of us will never know the secret password. And even if we knew the word – we wouldn’t have that knowing look in our eyes and on our faces.

Here is some video I shot at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington.

If you’ve got a WWII Veteran in your life – and they haven’t seen that Memorial – get off your butt and get them there ASAP.

And thank them every 11th of every month. It is – as they say – the least we can do.
And we haven’t got long. To thank them.

Thank you to all other veterans – and their families. Thank you all.

# # #

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