Being Smart Phone Smart

Let’s just declare the smart phone as the minimum height of the bar for learning, and a tablet or laptop the other options – with bigger screens. But the minimum is the half screen of some smartphone. Deal with that.

Regular, non-Smart Phones, cell phones that can receive text?  And send text?

Well support that too if that’s where one of your most critical of all target audiences in your Enterprise is at – on the e-everything technology side of things.

But that’s not where it’s at.

Today it’s about being Smart, very Smart, smart phone Smart.

Organize your data systems for access by the Process, by the Owning Department (upward), by the Phase (downward).

Walk the user through the steps of performance and provide guidance and job aids for key decision making. Use video clips. Use large text.

Use audio clips.

Have your Design Team of Master Performers (and other key SMEs) decide what to use when.

That way THAT will be feasible, if only but one of many alternatives in how to deploy/make accessible.

And it will be their approach. They will work to make it work.

And then they will own it.

Have them decide what to enable via formal training, e-learning, readings, peer interviews, on-the-job coaching, etc., etc.

Accessing information and instruction via the Smart Phone – now that’s being smart.

# # #

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