Focus on Performance – and Enable That.

When serving your clients – stay away from the shiny objects that YOU lust after.

Simply figure out what performance they want and need – there could be a difference – and then help them figure out how to enable that.

Sometimes it requires RECALL by the performer in order to perform to the requirements. But not always.

Sometimes it could tolerate referencing some information and then performing – and then forgetabout it.

Mobile Learning is most of the time mobile referencing/finding.

All this cool whiz-bang technology should be put to good use. Appropriate use. For the long haul.

EPSS – is now a fairly easy reality. Let’s not screw it up.

Collaborate with your client’s – take them on the journey of discovery – even if you’ve already been down that trail.

Help them discover the possibilities. Help them make their own decisions about the shopping criteria to best meet their needs. Help them prioritize that. They live with the consequences. They live with whatever ROI results.

Focus on Performance. Together. As partners.


Focus on their organizational performance requirements – and collaborate to enable them.

This book above shows how to conduct such an analysis.

This next book presents a template for analyzing the development needs of managers that can be used to determine the needs of the entire department; and then many departments; then perhaps, all.

For info about these books – please go here.

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