What Does Your Certification Certify?

Does it certify performance competence?

If it does – it can be used in so many HR applications.

Performance Tests can be used in many HR applications – unless married to a generic Competency Model.

Performance Tests only work if they are tied to authentic performance, not generalized constructs of performance.

Performance Tests can be designed to be conducted under the most trying of conditions – if that’s what needs to be proven.

Or it can prove ability to perform under ordinary conditions.

A Performance Test should be a component of the APPO of a Lesson Map…

An APPO is an Applications type of Instructional Activity. The others are INFOs and DEMOs.

Performance Tests should be standardized, minimalistic. And…

As Flexible as Feasible – but always as Rigorous as Required.

This 2008 Book addresses both creating Performance Tests, but in putting in the administrative systems and processes needed to govern and operate the system.

There are 3 Performance Tests Types

Using these tests as part of an MCD or IAD effort – and as an IAD focus – is covered in this 2011 book.

Conducting the Analysis for this kind of Performance Improvement intervention is covered in this 2011 book.

What is key is Alignment – to the Stakeholders.

Alignment to the Stakeholders and their control are the keys to success for efforts such as Performance Testing Systems.

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