Are You Working in L&D Strategically or Tactically? And Collaboratively?

Depending on your level, and job, you might be the one who needs to be thinking BIG PICTURE, see the Trees for the Forest and Forest for the Trees, and deciding if you are OK or not OK. And deciding what, if anything to improve.

With somebody else with their nose to the grind wheel to get the actual work done, is it you or others who should be thinking about:

  • Both Your On-Boarding and On-Going Performance Enabling Content
  • Gaps in Critical Contents’ Accuracy, Completeness and Appropriateness and the performance impact
  • Content Overlaps and 1st Costs and Life Cycle Cost Budget Implications
  • Investments in Generic Content Development that Won’t Impact Performance
  • Providing Communications, Education and Training Services with Differing Processes for Each that enable further variance

Are you really meeting the needs of the stakeholders in your On-Boarding efforts?

Do the Learners feel that they are prepared to be Performers when that time comes for them? Or is it sink or swim?

Are you delivering Topics without specific, authentic Task applications?

Are people generally prepared and Qualified/Certified to perform at a defined level at the conclusion of their On-Boarding?

Is your Content overlapped and gapped?

Are the overlaps “redundancy by design” or inadvertant?

What has all this redundnacy cost, in extra first costs, to develop/acquire?

What are the probable life-cycle costs for the overlapped content?

What might have been done with those redundant costs?

Are you forcing EVERY client need through the same Process?

Or did you give up long ago and now “just wing it” on every effort?

Is that predictable enough for your situation?

Is your current situation sustainable?

Does Your Content Architecture sync with your Organization and Process Architectures?

Does your New Product Development process, your ADDIE-like process, produce high quality at predictable costs and schedules?


Let’s Improve Performance together, collaboratively, with you and your key stakeholders.

For more about my background – please go here.

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