The First Foci of Management

The first of five Foci – for Management – is:


You’ve simply got to be in tight Alignment with all of your Stakeholders and their goals, their needs, and sometimes their wants as well.

In this first area of Foci for you as a manager – Alignments – requires and enables you to focus your limited resources on the current and strategic needs of not just your Customers – but of all of your key Stakeholders – including your Customers..

You really need to understand very well who your Stakeholders are, and where they are both internally, and externally as the case of the Government.

We will explore this next graphic, an illustrative example of a Stakeholder hierarchy, to help you determine both who your Stakeholders are, and what their priority needs and wants from you are – so that you can assess your alignment with each.

From the Foreword by Richard E. Clark:

If books on management were judged by a cost-benefit analysis, in my view Guy Wallace’s “The Fifth Management Foci” would take first place, hands down.

Readers in a hurry can finish it in less than two hours – or you can dwell on his advice and the piercing questions he asks for weeks or months.  I started with the fast read and then went back for a more leisurely and thoughtful stroll – and took away valuable insights from both.

Reading requires less time and work because Guy has spent the effort required to boil complex insights down to brief, pity, clear and insightful statements about managing large and small organizations at all levels.   My thinking about his ideas was aided by the challenging questions he urges readers to ask at every one of the five stages he describes and the fact that he lets us provide the answers from the prospective of our own organization.

For More Info

For Information about this book and how to order as a Paperback or a Kindle – please go here.

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