There Is No Such Thing As Communications…

Communications. Is there such a thing? Do we ever really communicate? Or do we
simply mis-communicate with greater or lesser amounts of error?

I know I’m playing with the semantics of it all, but as a colleague quotes a friend, “it’s not
just semantics, it’s always semantics!” The American Heritage Dictionary defines
communications as: “The exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by
speech, signals, writing, or behavior.”

Communication/communicating connotes that the message intended was the message
received. But how often does that happen with zero defects?

If we started with the premise that there is really no such thing as communications, that
we never can achieve zero defects in our communications, we will then be on the road
to better communications. Nirvanic communications.

For my 2000 article on this – please go here.

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