HPT – Addresses the Variables of Enterprise Performance Using Valid Means

HPT – Human Performance Technology

HPT is the means to the ends of – HPI – Human Performance Improvement.

Note: All performance is a human endeavor.

Note the following represents my view. Your’s may differ.

HPT – in my view – address the Process and all of the variables of that Process using valid approaches to improvement.

Valid – as proven by THE research. But what if there is no research? What if there are methods/applications that seem to work, have been working, yet there is no proven science behind/backing those methods?

A 2002-2004 effort at ISPI undertook a Society-wide effort to “Clarify HPT” – and resulted in a Report that unfortunately now sits on the proverbial shelf (for the most part). I see stirring that give hope to its revival. That 2002-4 effort was in fact a revival of something started by the late Geary Rummler back in 1982-3.

For More

To read/copy the Final Report – please go here.

For more about ISPI – please go here.

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