The Late W. Edwards Deming Estimated That Around 94% of the Possible Improvements Belong to the System – the Responsibility of Management

From a Tweet of Mine From Back in June 2011

Most Training requests to solve performance problems should be “suspected” – Most Training requests for the new hires should be “expected.”

I worte/posted that as I was seeing some over-generalizing about Training at the time – well, actually before and after that too. I do it myself – although I try to not do so.

Deming wrote* that 94% of Quality issues were caused by THE SYSTEM – and not the Workers.

I should estimate that in my experience most troubles and most possibilities for improvement add up to the proportions something like this:
94% belongs to the system (responsibility of management) – 6% special – often quoted as “The system is responsible for 94% of problems” or “Management is responsible for 94% of the problems”

(excerpted from Curious Cat Management Improvement Connections:

*Deming, W. E. 1993. The New Economics For Industry, Government & Education. Cambridge: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Advanced Engineering Study.

Here is an overview of this book – where in the overview of Chapter 2 they write:

Deming estimates that around 94% of the possible improvements belong to the system – the responsibility of management.

“If” that estimate is anywhere near accurate – how are you helping to steer your clients and customers to the solution that will address the real root cause of their performance improvement “opportunity” and avoid Training – Learning where it will not provide a positive ROI?

And as my Tweet was intended to indicate – I differ when it comes to New Hire (New to the Job) requests.

It’s Not About Learning – It’s About Performance – in an Enterprise Learning Context.

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