Thanks to Jim McCampbell From Back in the Day! And for Measured Results.

I miss the use of the phrase: Measured Results.

It was used quite a bit by folks in the Chicago Chapter of NSPI – now ISPI. In 1984 Jim McCampbell ranted on this a bit, this Measured Results stuff. He was one of those using that phrase about the work that he was doing then, back in the day.

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Jim wrote in Measured Results – : free to ISPI Members with access to Wiley content through the ISPI site – Jim wrote…

At the mystic rites syndrome. You’re not reinforced for getting results, but you are rewarded regularly in spite of your results.

Ah. Same as it ever was. Or will be. That was in 1984. Jim continues…

IE: Well, what was Margo Murray-Hicks talking about in her keynote

T: People. People and axioms and mentoring.

IE: And what happens to people if
you focus only on measured results? Is
measured results people oriented?

T: Not exactly.

IE: So it could walk right over concern
for people‘?

T: Yeah, I guess it could.

IE: And do you remember Roger
Kaufman’s message?

T: You mean societal considerations?

IE: Well, aren’t measured results
playing right into the hands of narrow
minded corporate greed to the detriment
of society?

T: I see what you mean.

IE: And how about Mager’s banquet

T: Yes, he said the same thing that
you’re saying-that there can’t be any
single focus that’s going to suddenly
make us all have the same interests and
draw the same conclusions-that we
wear a lot of different hats.

IE: You’ve got it.

T: Well, then, shouldn’t there be a
task force to encourage measured

IE: Of course there should. Every
performance technologist needs greater
skill at measuring the results of his work.

I miss Jim. His humor. And his message about Measured Results.

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