3 comments on “Poll – Appropriate Response to Online Myths in the Echo Chamber

  1. Do I have an ethical obligation to point out to my overweight friend that she is endangering her health by eating that 500-calorie piece of chocolate cake? (No, she probably knows that.)

    Do we have an ethical obligation to point out (to a stranger) that using learning styles to drive design considerations is a waste of time? (Not if it’s none of our business. People spend a lot of time playing computer games, too, and we aren’t obligated to point out to strangers that they could be doing something more constructive with their time.)

    When must we be our sister’s keeper?

    I don’t think we have an *ethical* obligation unless we think that someone will be harmed…. or, if we are being paid to do something that’s a waste of the client’s time, then we should tell them so.

    Now… if we’re on a mission to help people improve performance and to assist them in helping others to do so, then we might take it upon ourselves to attempt to be enlightening if we have some good information that others may have missed. I’m all for that… but I think this is more of a professional passion than an ethics issue (excepting the exceptions).


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