Even More Information Overload Is Coming To You Soon

As if it weren’t already here. As if.

We are awash in a sea of data and information. Some of it is overlapped – redundancy not by design. Some of it is gapped, missing critical pieces – inadvertently perhaps – but missing none-the-less.

Now anyone can create and upload – and walk away

Is this a good thing?

Who will prune the overlaps? Who will specify the gaps?

Who will update the out-of-date and delete when it’s no longer needed?

Or – does it just pile up?

You won’t be able to stop it.

But can you steer it, shape it, affect it so that it is “better” – than not?

My general rule is:

Focus on Performance – And Enable That

So I would focus on and use/leverage Performance itself as a means of organizing all Data and Information.

I’d use the current Process Performance structure – using both the Functional organization Structure – and the Processes within and that cross “the white space” that the major “Value Creation processes typically do.

The Enterprise Process Architecture (EPA) of any and every Enterprise…what I also call the Enterprise Process Performance Architecture (EPPA)

I don’t know of any better means to the ends of Enterprise Process Performance Improvement – than to align all of the enablers of the Processes – to the Processes.

Do you?

# # #

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