Operator Errors – Mine

I make my fair share of mistakes.

My most recent “find” is referring to Dr. Richard E. Clark (Dick) as a Ph.D versus an Ed.D.

My bad. My apologies. I have unfortunately made that mistake in video intro slides (harder to change) and in Blog Posts – easier to change (and I will).

I am OK with people pointing out my errors – after all – to er is to be human.

The old saw is: “to err is human, to forgive divine.”

So please forgive me for my errors – and please feel OK about correcting me – when/where you see fit.

But many are gun-shy about pointing out other people’s errors – whether those errors are “in fact” or “in omission” or just “inadvertent” – as I hope all of mine are seen.

If my errors are because I have the wrong facts – or am somehow misrepresenting those facts – I really appreciate the corrective feedback.

If someone has another opinion – that’s different.

I may have facts that are only facts to some – while they are non-facts to others. Such is life nowadays it seems.

I find that even in my group, my professional network, there are disagreements about some facts/non-facts.

While I see this as most inconvenient for me personally – as now  I need to dig further and farther – it is what it is.

Finding the current truth is tricky. Data changes, and therefore sometimes the truth changes.

May you find the path forward easy – and when not – find a path around and back to the truth sooner rather than later.

# # #


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