Strategic Planning in The Learning Function “Should Be” Driven By the Business

Don’t wrongly start at the right – start right at the left.

Strategy Drives Tactics

Your Strategy and Tactics should be driven by the Strategies and Tactical Plans of your Stakeholders.

The first thing to do – is to get aligned with your Stakeholders – and assess how well you are meeting their current needs – and how well you are prepared to meet their mid-term and long-term needs.

Then you prepare your Strategic Plans – and eventually you get into the details such as where to focus priority-wise, how to staff using in-sourcing and out-sourcing resources, which deployment mechanisms make the most business sense, etc., etc.

After you understand your Enterprise’s needs. Not to start. Otherwise you are literally putting the cart before the horse – so to speak.

Free: Strategic Planning for T&D/L&D/ Knowledge Management Resources

Strategic Planning for T&D – ISPI – 1996 – 98 page PDF – delivered at the ISPI Conference in 1996 on Strategic Planning for Training & Development functions.

VoC at 3 Levels – ISPI – 2003 – 2010  – 29 page PDF – this was an Encore Session (rated in the top 5 from the previous year) and covers Aligning to the Voice of the Customers at 3 Levels – for ISD/HPT organizations.

For a Fee: Strategic Planning Resources for T&D/L&D/Knowledge Management Resources

My 2011 book: The Curriculum Manager’s Handbook – available as a paperback and as a Kindle

For more information about this book – please go here.

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