Cal Wick at ISPI Charlotte – January 12, 2012

I met Cal Wick back in the spring of 2006 at the ISPI Conference in Dallas – we were introduced by Darlene Van Tiem. We exchanged books and I wrote a review of his as I found it to be a well written, concise view of “Training is more than the Event” (my words) – something preached at ISPI since the days of it being NSPI. His book is reviewed by me in the quarterly newsletter that I and my firms had been producing since the mid-1980s – and is available here – see page 22. FYI – In 2007 I gave up on the quarterly newsletters in favor of this Blog. All but a few of those quarterly newsletters are to be found in the Resources Tab of this site.

Cal asked us to document our useful learnings and actions we could take commit on index cards and raise those – instead of a traditional “show of hands.”

The session was a refresher for me – having read his book back in 2006 – but I could tell by the attendees’ reaction that they found it very valuable. We covered the 6 “Disciplines” from the book along with simple tools to use to bring them to life – all to better affect transfer of the learnings.

Of course – starting with the Business Outcomes/Objectives – before the Learning Outcomes/Objectives –  is key!

The session attendees.

Thank you Cal for coming to the ISPI Charlotte Chapter – and allowing us to be your first chapter presentation experience! I hope that other chapters call on you to visit and share!

Find his book – “The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning” at Amazon here.

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2 comments on “Cal Wick at ISPI Charlotte – January 12, 2012

  1. Hey Guy

    You know my good friend, Chester Stevenson. We are classmates in BSU IPT program. I also had the pleasure sitting in Cal Wick’s Learning Transfer at ISPI 2011 (this was my 1st ISPI conference as well). ISPI Charlotte is too far away from me in Augusta, Ga but I do attend the Midlands ASTD. I have accepted the position of Programs Co-chair. I am really exciting to bring HPT to our chapter. I put a post on the Charlotte ISPI LinkedIn group for a request for speakers. I would love to have you visit us. Would love to Cal in for a visit too (I’m thinking he would be great at our yearly conference and he could offer his Learning Transfer course as a workshop before the conference)


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