Some of You Have Asked for Some PACT Examples!

And now you’re going to really get it!

You asked for examples of my detailed Projects Plans – detailed Analysis Reports – detailed Design Documents – and here as a bonus to complete the package – the Administrative Manual – all for NSPI’s (now ISPI) Awards Program Redesign effort – from an extended project – done pro bono from my firm SWI Svenson & Wallace Inc. – and many others across the Society – planned and conducted by me and my partners and our SWI staff from January 1993 through January 1995 – 24 months.

Here are the binders’ spines before they were each emptied of their contents and then PDF’d.

Here are links to the documents (large PDFs):

And then another ISPI team produced this next – for the new ISPI (no longer NSPI): International Society for Performance & Instruction:

After putting in literally hundreds of hours – the effort was handed off to another team – which put in place part of the design. Frustrating. Very. 

What’s Frustrating?

They did not implement the one piece that drove me to undertake this entire effort in the first place – The Feedback Process. Feedback captured routinely – without having to ask for it specifically – causing a reactionary/let’s go get it now (late) effort.

End of Part 1.

Part two – if I ever get to it – will be/would be about my drive to address this back then, and the two cases I’ve experienced – about chasing down the feedback after the fact – since then.

# # #

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