There Are Learning Paths – and Other Outputs – From a CAD Effort

Learning Paths

One of the most visible outputs of a Curriculum Architecture/ Curriculum Architecture Design effort – has been the T&D Path/ Learning Path/ Developmental Roadmap. I’ve been doing these since 1982 – and first published about the performance-based analysis methods and the design method – using a Group Process – a facilitated analysis and design approach with Master Performers – and not the typical SME that I had been already been burned by in my 3 year old/young career – by 1982. The 1984 article that I co-authored was written in 1983

A Learning Path or Learning Paths – have been labeled by many different monikers over the years since that first in 1982. Paths, Roadmaps, Blueprints, etc. We called them whatever the client liked.

The Path – a.k.a.: a learning continuum – isn’t always a Path.

And not everything on the Path is needed by everyone in the Target Audience(s).

As always – it depends.

Other Outputs

This graphic shows the “other outputs” – plus the T&D Path.

The analysis data – as is from a CAD effort and/or augments/extended a bit – can be used to drive performance into many other Talent Management/HR efforts and processes and outputs. That was the topic of The Quality Roadmap book (1994) that I co-authored with my partners. Those applications to things other-than Training/Learning is also overviewed in this 11 minute video – on this recent post.

I have always preferred the T&D label to the Learning label – as Training (& Development) that’s focused squarely on the Performance Requirements first and the needs of the Learners/Performers second – had no need to do a name change back in the early-to-mid 1990s.

But as I wrote earlier – we’d call it whatever the client needed to, or wanted to.

A rose is a rose is a rose.

But Wait! There’s More!

There is much more!

General Searching

You can search this site for more about this – by using the search terms: T&D Paths, T&D Path, CAD, Curriculum Architecture, Learning Paths, Learning Path.

Targeted Searching

You can read the Training Magazine article from September 1984 here as a 6 page version – or the original 30 page version here.

And you can read an article published 2 months later on the analysis methods – in NSPI’s PIJ – here.

You can also review my 1985 NSPI Presentation on “Curriculum Architecture Design – via a Group Process” – here.

You can learn how to do this via my 2011 book: Performance-based Curriculum Architecture Design – which is an update of my 1999 book: lean-ISD (written in 1997 and 1998).

A CAD effort – leads to better ADDIE-like efforts – MCD – Modular Curriculum Development/Acquisition. But it can also lead to Performance Improvement Consulting – as the Analysis Phase both identifies ideal performance and the knowledge/skill enablers required – but also the gaps from ideal performance – in the current state by the non-Master Performers.

If the Master Performers in the current state can perform at levels of mastery – why not the others? Think Best Practices – and flexible Best Practices – collected from the Masters/Exemplars!

And that’s often worth its weight in gold.

There are more books in this 2011 series.


Need a budgetary quote, or a fixed fee quote about doing a project or training your staff to do these?

Email me or call me!

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