The Authentic Acid Test of Competence – Is Doing the Authentic Job Tasks to the Stakeholder Requirements

A project to conduct the effort to design and develop Performance Tests – to authentically test for Performance Competence – is a combination of a CAD effort and an MCD/IAD effort.

Setting up the administrative systems and creating the performance-based Performance Tests was covered in the 2007 book “Performance-based Employee Qualification/Certification Systems” by Ray Svenson and Guy Wallace – info available here.

The book and my consulting practice on this – is based on projects from 1987 and 1994 – and afterwards. The 1987 project was for a Pay Progression Program (Pay for demonstrated Performance Competence Capability) for about 20 technician populations in the oil fields of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska – and the 1994 effort was for a different firm – for about 20 different populations of technicians on the Alaska Pipeline. Many of the jobs were nearly the same – but laws prohibited the sharing and re-use of the tests. Many of the maintenance tasks were exactly the same – on the very same types/models of equipment, etc.

The story of why this was labeled a Qualification/Certification effort is explained in the book. Hint: it was a compromise between the HR group and the Maintenance Managers.

In the effort in 1989 the client decided to do the CAD project – stop and build only the tests – the IAD effort – a subset of a typical MCD (the ADDIE-like effort of my PACT Processes) first – and then build the Content of the CAD after determining which of the Modular Events were really needed.

The fact that the tests – available for review/preview by anyone – led to more pay – negated the need for Formal Training – as all of the technicians reviewed the tests and all of the technical materials/manuals available – talked with their co-workers – mastered the performance – and learned on-the-job with the help/guidance of the tests – and therefore did not need any Training.

It should be noted that the folks working in the oil fields and on the pipeline were mostly seasoned veterans of oil fields and pipelines in the lower 48 “as they say”  – before taking jobs in the extreme conditions of Alaska’s environment.

For more details about CAD and MCD/IAD – see my book series from 2011:

For more about all of my book offerings from 2011 – updates of both “lean-ISD” (1999 and recipient of an ISPI Award of Excellence in 2002) and “T&D Systems View” (2002) – please go here.

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