New 99-Minute Video on “Lean-ISD – Via The PACT Processes for T&D”

The link to the video is here… no longer on BlipTV – but now on YouTube…

The Video

Note: I’ll be at TRAINING 2012 in Atlanta speaking on Curriculum Architecture Design

I was motivated to create this new video – on my ISD/ID methods and processes – after discovering a long-lost audio cassette from my TRAINING 1998 session on lean-ISD – which I married with the slides from my archives to create this video here.

There is also a video presentation of me presenting on these PACT Process methods to the staff of Eli Lilly in 1995 (2 hours and 2 minutes).

See that video here.

And – here is a copy of my 1985 presentation at the NSPI Conference on “Curriculum Architecture Design – Via a Group Process.”

Hope to see you in Atlanta on the 15th of this month – but if you cannot be there – I hope that you find the new video – and perhaps the older version – helpful to your needs!

This video covers Performance Modeling, deriving the enabling Knowledge/Skills and using that to design Instruction and Information at 3 levels of Design.

For: Performance-based T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management.


Please take 6 minutes for Reflection!

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