Robustness in a Learning Content Context – Rolls with the Punches of Constant Change

Change Change Change 

It is often very difficult to keep up with change. Especially in Learning Content. That’s because it most often isn’t a design consideration – as it’s not uncovered during analysis. Maintenance can easily eat your lunch budget – your budget for development – leaving little for new content development. Or – as it seems to be practiced most often – maintenance is foregone. Not done. Skipped.

Not a Best Practice. Not Good Stewardship of Shareholder Equity.

Curriculum Change

The best approach to addressing this is to have a modular Architecture scheme in place. One that everyone adheres to.  Replacing Instruction/ Learning/ Training/ KMS content as the products of an artistic process – to being the products of an engineering process – an architectural experience.

Instructional Architecture – Curriculum Architecture – is more than just producing a Path of Learning/Development experiences – even if “modular” in nature. A Path needs to be more than a collection of Modules.

Curriculum Architecture is more, much more.

At least the way I’ve been practicing and teaching it – since 1982.

See me at Training 2012 in Atlanta – on February 15th – session 607 at 8:30 am – to hear and learn about this field-tested, proven methodology further.

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