The Holy Grail of ReUse

It is not a theory – but a proven fact. You can ReUse Instructional Content – with the right Curriculum Architecture in place – and THAT does not include the typical Learning Object concept/approach. No no no no no.

This 12 minute clip is taken from the longer lean-ISD video available here – and covered in this Blog Post here.


– via The PACT Processes – is not a theory. Check out the video above to learn more – and then learn even more in the longer version of the video!

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4 comments on “The Holy Grail of ReUse

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  2. Reuse of content is only logical to me so this is very validating. I often reuse well designed slides from other seminars. The knowledge management tie is something I’m not as familiar with.


    • The trick is making sure that it is authentic “enough” as research shows that only 5-15% of learners can learn out of context and then apply it to another. That’s why the architecture – from Paths of Events of lessons to Instructional Activities – or whatever framing and levels one uses – is so critical to account for that.


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