Next Week I am Presenting About Curriculum Architecture Design at Training 2012 – And Here is a Video of the Slides/Audio from Training 1998

14 Years Goes By Quickly!!!

Here is a PDF of the Slides from my session at Training 1998:

P-1000 lean-ISD for Training 1998 – GWW & PRH LCD

Here is a 54 minute Video of the Slides and the Audio Tape (provided by the Training Conference folks) of that Session – interesting note – it was the very first non-Overhead Transparency Conference Presentation done by my business partner – I cannot recall 14 years later if it was mine as well:



Next Week – February 15th in Atlanta – Training 2012

Here are the slides for my session next week:

PB CAD – for TRAINING 2012 – Session Feb 15 2012 – PDF of All Slides

And if you are a real glutton for you know what – here is the 1985 version of this Presentation:

NSPI 1985 Presentation- CAD -GWW

I hope you can make the session!

And – here the 1984 article – in TRAINING MAGAZINE:

Burning Down

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