There Is So Much More to Performance Than What the Human Brings to the Performance Party

Maybe this would make a better Reality TV Show – The hunt for the truth in Training/ Learning and Performance Improvement.

As the late Geary Rummler so famously said:

“Put a Good Performer in a Bad System – and the System Wins Every Time.”

Ah, but instead it (above) is simply an article about a recent hunt for the truth. A chasing down of Facts and Fiction, Realities and Myths.

Click on the graphic above to go to the article at eLearn Magazine.

Please note:

Training is a Small Subset of Improvement

If you thought that Formal Training and it’s newer hipper twin Informal Learning addressed the awareness, knowledge and skill needed to perform in an Enterprise Context – versus an Educational or Personal Learning Context – Degree in Radio/TV/Film or Fly Fishing – then this view below – provided by the late Professor Ishikawa in the 1950’s in Japan – might put that Human Learning stuff within a Context.

It’s all about the Process.

And then there is this – kind of a combo of Ishikawa and Gilbert.

This is from my EPPI Methodologies and Processes for Analysis. There are many enablers for a Process and sets of Processes.

Which leads to this view of Performance and its Enablers – again, for which Training and Learning have so little to do with the Problems/Opportunity “Cause” so very often – but where Training & Learning & Knowledge Management may much more to do with the implementation of the ultimate Solution-set.


Training and Learning have so little to do with the Problems/Opportunity “Cause” – but much more to do with the Solution.


Check out what Fred Nichols said – in the article – here is the link:

Chasing Down the Elusive Credits for Facts and Fictions in Learning and Improvement

If you are writing about, presenting about, or talking about PERFORMANCE – please keep in mind that that’s not just about performance-oriented Instruction.

There is so much more to Performance than what the human brings to the performance party.

Much more.

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