Over 55 Free Videos – Almost All Are Done And Available Now!

The PACT Video Shorts Series

Over 55 Videos are planned – and over 45 are now available – intended – along with other articles, audio podcasts, books, book chapters, columns and presentations – for the curriculum of  The School of PACT –  for the self-development of PACT Practitioners and those wanting to get from Training – To performance-based Training – to Performance Improvement Consulting.

The PACT Video Shorts Series Index and Links

There are multiple Videos of varying lengths in each of the 8 Categories below…

A- PACT Overviews

B- PACT Analysis

C- CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design

D- MCD – Modular Curriculum Development

E- IAD – Instructional Activity Development

F- Project Planning & Management

G- Group Process Facilitation Tips

H- EPPI – Performance Improvement

Here is the First of the PACT Video Shorts Series

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