ISD Staff Development in The PACT Processes

How Are You Developing Your ISD Staff?

Informally? Quasi-Formally/Informally? Via Conferences? Via Social Learning with their internal staff peers? With the Wisdom from their Social Networks – planned or unplanned?

Or do “the cobbler’s children have no shoes?”

How do you like those results? Are they “adequate” to your situational needs?

I have divided the Role-set of ISD practitioners into 5 key Roles – to align to the Methodology-set of my ISD Processes.

And I have been developing my own consulting staff since 1983 – plus my clients’ internal ISD staff and sometimes their sub-contractors in these PACT methods – also since since 1983.

Who Is On First?

Role clarity. So that you can “Divide and Conquer” and have ISD folks “specialize” in one or more Roles

Or, you can develop PACT Generalists – Masters of It All – and approach projects in the famous approach (words) of the Texas Rangers: One riot, one Ranger.

Or both – as needed/appropriate to your needs – now – or as they might evolve.

The PPA – PACT Performance Analyst

The PCD – PACT CAD Designer

The PMD – PACT MCD/IAD Designer

The PLD – PACT Lead Developer

The PPM – PACT Project Manager


In 2011 I finished a multi-year effort to update and reconfigure several books, several multi-year quarterly and monthly columns, and multiple articles and Blog Posts into a new set of books – the PACT 6-Pack.

For more about these 6 books – plus others – please go here.

Who Says This Is Good Stuff? 

In 1999 I published lean-ISD – which received an Award of Excellence for Instructional Communications form ISPI in 2002. In 1998 and 1999 I asked several professional colleagues and clients to review the book’s draft pre-publication. Two of those reviews are presented below in the next two graphics.

First – from the late Geary Rummler, back in 1999:

Second – from Miki Lane, back in 1999:

Recently I completed (well, almost completed) a multi-year project to produce and post over 55 short videos on The PACT Process – leading one through development of their Performance Competence in performance-based T&D to becoming a Performance Improvement Consultant.

Those videos are available – here.

But Wait – There’s More!

For more about these free resources – see the Resources Tab at

For information about my formal Workshops and informal Coaching Session – please email me at  – or call me at: 704- 895- 6364 (office) or 704-746-5126 (mobile).

I will return any unanswered call ASAP!

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