The NASA T&D/Learning Path – 1987

It was the only Curriculum Architecture Design Meeting where the members of the Design Team cried throughout the meeting. It was too soon after the Challenger accident. NASA was devastated. Appropriately so. All of the people in the room knew those who had perished.

I had been brought in – as often happened – after my 3 associates had done the Curriculum Architecture Design analysis efforts. That was typical. I was the CAD Design Guy at R. A. Svenson & Associates – where I was later a partner at SWI – Svenson & Wallace Inc.

A Learning Path in 1987

A Learning Architecture in 1987

I Was The Go-To Guy for Running Design Team Meetings At Our Firm

Why a Performance-Based Curriculum?

A Curriculum of Courses or Modules Isn’t What Is Needed

It All Starts With Analysis of Performance

The diagram used in this next graphic was something I created for one of my first projects at RAS in 1983 – for MCC Powers. I needed to show the data linkage to the clients. It was a graphic used later in the first articles on CAD and the Analysis Methods published in September and then November 1984.

This was one of my early CAD efforts – and I have done 74 CAD projects since 1982.

Here are the few 11 pages of the larger Design Document from 1987.

NASA CAD 7-1-1987

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