10 Questions for Assessing Your Learning Architecture Design

and/or Project Approach

The approach should be planned, focused on both the terminal Performance Competence requirements of the Target Audience(s) and the Enabling K/Ss required – plus do an assessment of the ReUse potential for all existing Instructional and Informational Content – before getting to a Design effort – which itself is more than naming and sequencing Courses in some Path – or Menu.

Some approaches today a little more than extensions of very old school approaches to ID – approaches that were old school back in 1984 when I co-authored an Innovative approach – according to the editors at TRAINING Magazine who published the first article on Curriculum Architecture in September 1984 – see that here.

Some approaches today still use a traditional Task Analysis – versus a Performance Analysis – which for me first focuses first on the worthy outputs of performance and their measures – and then captures the associated tasks – as was covered in another article – published in November 1984 – in the NSPI (now ISPI) Performance & Instruction Journal – PIJ (now the Performance Improvement Journal – PIJ) – get that here.

And most approaches today simply shuffle around a bunch of boxes (Courses) and then call that Path a modular curriculum – when it is at best, a curriculum of modules. My approach produces a modular curriculum – of modular Events – that help with ReUse later – as is or after modification. Other approaches today almost guarantee that you’ll always need modifcation – big modification – unless you simple share because the titles have “face validity.”

Which is not good.

Besides these old articles – almost 30 years old – which were innovative then – and seemingly are still innovative today.

See my recent 12 minute Video about that in this Blog Post – here.

But Wait – There’s More!

There is a series of Video Podcasts on both “what it is” and the “how to” – to start yourself on the road to self-development in The PACT Processes approach to ISD and Learning Architecture. These videos, plus many articles, book chapters, books and presentations on this site – are FREE.

See the PACT Video Shorts index page – here. The are organized in the following architecture – the following Paths/Menus – to meet your development needs…


The new book PACT 6-Pack is – For a Fee…

The books are available as paperbacks and Kindles. See here for more info.

Print Version for the 10 Questions

Assessing a CAD-LAD Effort – Print Version in White

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