DIY Brown Bag Series – The School of PACT

Starting today – March 5 2012  and through the end of April – I will be posting a Video Short each Noon (12 O’Clock High for those on the East Coast of the USA) from The School of PACT’s PACT Video Shorts Series – for your DIY Development – in a Brown Bag effort – or Afternoon Break effort – for staff or self development.

DIY – Do-It-Yourself – Solo or in a Group

If you’ve got a Group at work – talk amongst yourselves after each video – or take it to whatever Social Media Platform you are currently using – or join others at this LinkedIn Group: lean-ISD.

Order – Order in the Court!

You might even want to start at the Beginning of the series – and walk through the 50+ videos in sequence – Sections A through H – but you don’t have to.


Most importantly – discuss and apply as best you can. While some of the videos are more conducive to trying something out – those that address skills and Performance Competence – there are others that address enabling Knowledge – but you can chat about past projects and how this might have applied – and about future projects and how this might apply – and what you might be able to adopt – and what you’ll probably need to adapt.

My General Rule

One of them anyway – is:

Adopt what you can – and Adapt the rest. 

Always. For One size never (or seldom) fits all.

Fo Mo Info…

For an index of the PACT Video Shorts Series, and a 10 minute overview of the entire Series, please go – here.

For the PACT 6-Pack of paperback and/or Kindle books to also support development, please go – here.

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