Modular Curriculum Architectures

A Curriculum of Modules is Not Necessarily a Good Modular Curriculum

A Path or Menu of Courses – even Social Learning experiences packaged into some sort of an event – isn’t necessarily a performance-based or performance-oriented Curriculum. Oh, it’s a Curriculum. You can say that it’s a Curriculum Architecture. Or a Learning Architecture. Or an Instructional Architecture. Or a Learning Continuum. or – whatever.

But unless it’s based on a thorough analysis of both the Performance requirements – and – the enabling Knowledge and Skills – it won’t get your Learners/Performers to where you and they want to get to: Performance Competence.

And isn’t THAT – Performance Competence – what it’s all about?

I’ve seen too many things online lately – about Curriculum Architecture – that are not about Performance and the enabling K/Ss. Don’t really go after appropriate ReUse of Content.

Not as I’ve been practicing since 1982. And that I and my business associates wrote about in 1983  and got published in 1984.

Click on the graphic above to get to that 1984 Training Magazine article.

Three Videos

Here is a Video about my approach to engineering – architecting – a performance-based Curriculum Architecture.

And here is a client produced video – from back in 1989 – about a CAD – Curriculum Architecture design that I did in 1986, and then updated in 1989 and 1991.

And here I am in 1989 – presenting on that Curriculum Path to an audience of Product Managers – who my client knew were at a key course – the keystone Event in fact – without even knowing about the modular Events that they should have taken before showing up to this 8-day Event.

That’s the trouble with pre-requisites.


I wonder how those “Flip the Training” efforts are going? Are people showing up having done the pre-work – watched the video – so that they could discuss that in class? Or did they not do that homework?


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