Inadvertent Content Redundancy Will Eat Your Lunch – And Breakfast and Dinner Too

They say you can not go through life looking in the rear view mirror. The road lies ahead – they say. Watch out for the potholes, the obstacles and the storm on the horizon. Watch where you are going – they say.

You cannot change the past – but you can change the path you are on.

But in Driver’s Ed back in the day I was taught to glance back every 2 seconds.

But at times the Past is Prelude

Sometimes the sins of the past catch up to you.

Sometimes by looking back you will see more clearly the storm that is approaching you from behind.

If you haven’t built your Learning Product Line in a “modular” fashion – to be more robust to the inevitable changes- making those changes easier and cheaper – then someday you will pay a price for your non-architected/non-engineering approach to content development.

Watch this short 12 minute video for my approach – The PACT Processes approach – to modular Curriculum/Learning Architectures and modular product development.

It’s not the Learning Object Concept – as that played out – with much promise but terrible execution and experiences.

It’s modular design below that level – the Lesson level.

That’s where Content ReUse lives – IMO. And in my experience.

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