Hunters and Gatherers – Curators and Creators in the Enterprise and in the Wilds of Wyoming

Technology changes everything – well, most things. We are still Hunters and/or Gatherers.

How we go about it – and who does what – and what we call it – is ever evolving.

Hunters used to be “cooler” than Gatherers.

But Gatherers today are catching up.

My brother wrote a book based on his diary about raising his bird dog – Valley Girl – and the adventures and set backs of them both. I sent a copy of the book to my Virtual Friend and Colleague Don Clark – known by his handle: Big Dog, Little Dog. Obviously a Dog Lover.

Here is his review – it’s on his we site – here.

Curating – gathering is valuable. It is a service for those of us without the time and/or inclination to do that for ourselves and others.

But Creating – hunting for the facts and doing the analysis and synthesis – and then sharing that/ making that available – is more critical – for it enables the Curators to have something to gather and re-share.

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