Business Architecture Views – 1994 to Today

Business Architecture

Also known as: Performance Architecture, Enterprise Architecture. Whatever you label it – it provides a structure for Processes – and People work in Processes.

The intent of a Business Architecture – that I referenced in this video in this post from yesterday – from my 1996 presentation at ISPI – is to drive the requirements for the enablers, the enabling assets, both Human Assets (Human Capital) and Environmental Assets. This model, updated slightly, looks at the human side of performance, which is of course, incomplete…

This – the Business Architecture – was articulated in articles in our firm’s newsletter for several years – and then in the 1994 book: The Quality Road Map – available sometimes at Amazon (used mostly) – here.

A decade ago I updated the model based on additional writings that I had been doing since 1994. Those appeared in my next firm’s (CADDI Inc.) newsletters and even more were published also in EPPIC’s newsletter – which became this Blog in 2007 – as well as at BPTrends and PROVEN magazine – the former targeting Business Process Management and the latter Human Performance Improvement – where I published several years worth of quarterly columns.

The BPTrends columns are available on their site for free here – and PROVEN’s are available here for a subscription.

Processes need People – Human Enablers – to work the Processes – and Environment enablers for them to process into the Outputs of those Processes. How one looks at the enablers is of course a bit arbitrary.

Many ways to skin… to picture that. I’ve got mine. Yours of course, might be different.

Adopt what you can – Adapt the rest.

The Updated View

How you frame all of the Processes needs to work for IT, HR and the owners of all of the Processes that collectively make up the Enterprise.

My framing – takes the architecture down to a department (you could do the same for a team).

Here is that.

Many labels for the interventions, systems, etc., for provisioning the enablers – with the Right Stuff, at the right time, in the right quantities – to the processes.

Here is a view of that.

Your thoughts?

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